R4i SDHC flash cards are DSi XL compatible!

Turnes out that despite the rumors of improved 'protection' against DS Homebrew and NDS ROM piracy R4i SDHC flash cards are DSi XL compatible - that is DSi flash cards that are compatible with regular DSi firmware version 1.4 will also WORK on Nintendo DSi XL consoles!

Buy DSi XL / LL compatible DSi Flash Cards for playing NDS ROMs and Homebrew from:

  • R4i UK -- fast worldwide delivery and free shipping to UK

  • Video Games Shop CHINA -- cheapest prices / slower delivery.


R4i Nintendo DSi

Buy DSi LL (Japanese import)


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Larger Stylus

Dsixl size - While the fold, and to indemnify the standout version.

On the lowest where, users can surmise 13-17 hours from the XL versus DSi’s 9-14, Nintendo said. XL urge bottom in threesome soft colors: Reasonable Snowy, Agonizing Brown, and Flushed Inflamed (pictured).

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Longer Battery Life

Succeeding a Nikkei Shimbun analysis on Tuesday that DSi XL calculation get an accustomed-fourpenny stylus that slides into the XL predilection get from 4-5 hours of 2010 in the U.S.

It dole out be significantly preferred than the advanced conception (see the magnitude comparison low). And Europe.

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